Causes for high idle and low idle problems on your motorcycle ? If the motorcycle is in working order, the idle level does usually not change from the standard setting...The BEST way to tune an engine is on an engine dyno- PERIOD. What EGT is good for is a reference for where the engine made maximum torque at wide open throttle. Once removed from the dyno, a similar air/fuel ratio can be established at a later date by dialing in the mixture to achieve the target EGT.
Common causes of intermittent stalling may include a bad idle speed control (ISC) system, low fuel pressure, loss of ignition, vacuum or EGR leaks, or other problems we’ll get to later in this article. The engine’s idle speed is controlled by how much air is allowed to bypass the throttle via the idle bypass circuit in the throttle body.

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hey another quick question by mee! if you let a bike idle without choke sometimes it will idle at under 1k and the engine sounds like it's gonna break haha...
Jan 08, 2016 · Step 3 – Adjust the idle speed. Turn the screw clockwise to increase idle speed and counterclockwise to decrease it. Your tachometer will give you the idle speed, but if your bike isn't fitted with one, then play it by ear; if you go too low, the bike will either cut out or stumble when you twist the throttle, while too high and it will sound wrong.

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If it is the latter, the regular idle (pilot) circuit is blocked, or the idle is set way too low. To clear a blockage, turn the idle fuel/air adjustment screws all the way in, until they gently stop, counting how many times the screws turn before stopping.
Step 1) With the engine off, start by turning one of the idle mixture screws located on the primary metering block, all the way closed (clockwise), until it bottoms out. The primary metering block is usually the one closest to the front of the engine. Step 2) Then turn the same screw counter clockwise one and one half turn.

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(Note: The engine idle speed is controlled by the computer and is NOT adjustable.) The troubleshooting procedure for high and low idle conditions are similar, which are included in the following
Aug 26, 2009 · Rode into town the day after Galena. Bike began to idle really fast. When I shut the key off and restarted it would idle normally for a short time then creep back up during riding. It's over 2000 and seems to be getting worse. The Idle speed control (ISC) valve is where, exactly? The Idle Air Control (IAC) valve is where, exactly?

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Cleaned battery terminals and the same thing happened...>500rmp idle and some heavy shaking, but never stalled out. That's is a really low idle. Also supposed to be charging at 13.8.
The bike's idle may drop very low and go up and down, and some will even die and the bike needs to be restarted. A forum community dedicated to Triumph Motorcycle owners and enthusiasts.

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I have a 2016 kx250f that is hard to start when the engine is cold, and when it does start you have to be wide open for the first 30 seconds or so and it sounds like its dying. and yet it still wont idle until its completely warmed up. its not the valves because I had them reshimed at the end of ...

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The slow jet calibrates the mixture from both the idle bypass and the idle orifice in the jet block. If the idle screw is properly adjusted, but the engine does not have good response when the throttle is wicked open, it is usually a sign of a lean mixture and the slow jet will need to be replaced with one size larger (richer) and the air/fuel ...
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hey another quick question by mee! if you let a bike idle without choke sometimes it will idle at under 1k and the engine sounds like it's gonna break haha...
Idle should be 1000 +/- 100 rpm. Idle should be adjusted when at operating temperature with the choke OFF. Ride the bike stop and go for 10 minutes before adjusting or idle until the fan comes on.

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Motorcycle batteries aren't as "tough" as car batteries, once they've gone flat 2 or 3 of times, they're junk. Other likely suspect is the regulator/rectifier.

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If your car stalls at idle, one of the possible causes is a problem in the idle air control actuator. Defective fuel injectors and low pressure fuel can also cause a vehicle to stall when it is running at...

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What idle speed should we be shooting for and where is a good place to start the fuel screw (# of turns) to adjust for the high and low.
There are many causes of high idle speed in your car; some problems can be fixed yourself, while others will be best handled by an auto repair shop.

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We have a massive selection of quality parts online. Browse our catalog to find the exact part that you need.
If you read the service manual, it states that the idle should be no lower than 1000 rpm. This is to provide the proper oil pressure to all areas of the motor. You can set the idle lower, but you do so at risk of damage to components. With the older motors, like the Shovels, Pan, and Knuckle heads, they were very loose.

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May 17, 2016 · The problem it gives you when it needs cleaning is an erratic idle speed and stalling and usually does not set a code unless they fail. A can of carb cleaner will do the trick here. One thing is to blow the carb cleaner out with some low pressure air or the other sensors in the intake will set codes from the carb cleaner.
Adjust the idle mix with the engine running and at operating temp. Screw in the idle mixture screw until the bike develops a lean misfire, which will sound like the engine is sneezing back through the carburetor. Once the engine begins to misfire, back the idle mixture screw out just until the misfire stops.

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R1 Idle Problem...low RPM issue.. Jump to Latest Follow ... R1-Forum is a Yamaha R1 motorcycle enthusiasts community dedicated to Yamaha YZF 1000 R1 sportbike ...
May 17, 2011 · I just bought a 1982 Suzuki GS750T. It will start up and idle fine at 1000 rpm, as well as rev as high as I want in neutral or first gear with the clutch in. The first few times I rode it yesterday it didn't stall, but I noticed that it would sputter a little bit at low rpm (2-3500) when I cranked the throttle.

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Mar 29, 2016 · Some may suggest running the engine in low light where arcing may be visible, but this is an inherently dangerous practice, since any fuel vapor present could ignite. Since these components are...

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